(viac nájdeš v cenníku služieb)
(viac nájdeš v cenníku služieb)



Let’s sit together for a moment, relax and push all the stress of daily life aside. We live in the 21st century, in an age full of modern technologies and gadgets. Although we all welcome modern times as they are, we would like to show you that not every step further, towards something new, towards something modern, while leaving the old behind is as fantastic as it seems. Gentlemen, we have left behind something extraordinary, something truly fantastic, which was here for centuries, which served a true man more than any smartphone application or any modern gadget ever could.

We’re glad to announce, that we are able to return the craft of our forefathers – a traditional barbershop – to Slovakia. We, the people from retro-modern Barbershop Gentleman’s World, have made a great effort to study, practice, and bring back to you a true man’s delight, which was available for so many centuries before to gentlemen all around the world.

In the times when the true gentlemen roamed the world, barbershops were not just about having a haircut or a shave. The word barbershop was the synonym for relaxation, tranquility, a place where you could discuss politics, sports, business or just talk about the affairs of the world. Simply said – a place where you could enjoy yourself. Face or head massage after a hard day at work, was just one of the services offered by a traditional barbershop. Of course, without any hesitation, the most famous, was a straight razor shave using a razor that was as sharp as a scalpel. In Gentleman’s World, our aim is to bring all this back to you.

By the way, did you know that besides a wife, a physician and a tailor, the only other person allowed to touch a gentleman was a barber? At least that’s what the traditions tell us. Unfortunately, time after time, the true masters of the craft slowly disappeared and it was women’s hair salons that took over the important work of the barbershop. Many of the female hairdressers, being not trained in the art, were too scared to use a straight razor. The idea even spread that somehow straight razors were unhygienic (which has no truth in it, since in modern times we use replaceable, dispensable blades and in the old days everything was fully disinfected). And with the development of electric razors and razors that seemed more marketed towards how many blades can be included rather than the actual quality of the shave razors, men forgot about a once so spread and delightful craft. In Gentleman’s World, we think this was a mistake and a step backwards.

Therefore, let us try to restore the true tradition. Visit us, discover a true man’s paradise and become a modern Gentleman! Welcome to Gentleman’s World, the first traditional barbershop in Bratislava!



barbWhat used to be a standard and profound craft in the past has nowadays transformed into multiple services which provide shaving (not necessarilly with a straight razor), hair cutting and trimming and hairstyling as such. More than a century ago barbers also provided their clients with special “medical” services, like bloodletting, ulcer treatment or dental services. During feudalism, barbers only operated in bigger cities. In the region of current Slovakia, barbers formed their own guilds along with sawbones in Bratislava, Košice, Levoča and mining towns (which were heavily populated by German citizens). A great expansion of barbers occured at the end of 19th century. In 1890, there were in total 272 registered barbers in 18 Slovak counties, and 932 registered barbers by the year 1910 (which is fearly impressive). Barbershops were in the rise in industrial regions like Gemer, Novohrad, Horehronie or Spiš, where it literally invaded even smaller towns and villages, centering itself around workers’ colonies. Furthermore, barbershops became a standard in spas and bathing centers. By the year 1930, Slovakia had more than 1290 registered barbershops and hair salons, employing 3822 people. This naturally led to foundation of Nationwide Barber Organization. Unfortunately, this craft slowly faded as did many other traditional crafts. Gentleman’s World’s aim is to show people what does it mean to provide exclusive and traditional care for men, in a style own to our forefathers.




truefitTruefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in the world, as certified by Guinness Book of World Records in April 2000. Truefitt was established in 1805 by William Francis Truefitt. Truefitt styled himself as hairdresser to the British Royal Court and the firm received their first Royal Warrant from King George III. In 1911, Edwin Hill set up a barber shop on Old Bond Street, also near the royal neighbourhoods in London and it was to this address H.P. Truefitt (William’s nephew) moved in 1935 to create Truefitt & Hill. Other Truefitt regional outlets were merged into the present company in 1941. The present location of Truefitt & Hill at 71 St. James’s Street.

Even today, Truefitts occupies the position of one of the leading men’s barber shops in the World. Glancing at the appointments book, it reads like pages from Debrett’s and Who’s Who. Clients include Members of the male line of the Royal Family, Members of visiting Royal Households, Captains of Industry, Members of both Houses of Parliament, the City, the Theatre, Ambassadors and the Diplomatic Service, visiting Dignitaries, the Professions, the Arts, and all other strata of British Society.

Throughout their whole history, employees and family members of Truefitt & Hill had made their best efforts to create a perfect and well-known line of exclusive shampoos, perfumes or colognes. All of their products (including soaps, shower gels, balsams or eau de toilettes) contain natural scents.
Why do we use their products at Gentleman’s World?

Because it is our sincere intention for you to fully enjoy the exclusive feeling that only a professional and traditional barbershop can offer to a proper gentleman, using top-notch scents and quality line products. Only by trying something new. something different you’ll understand what it means to be a real man – a real gentleman.

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